My Snazzy List of Links (mostly PC related)

Sony DCR-PC100 Digital Still/Video camera !!!
The picture quality has been improved lately ??
Honda Pacific Coast (PC 800) Web Site
EVERYTHING You ever want to know about the PC 800 are found here.
This site is dedicated to Honda Pacific Coast PC800 owners and in particular the PC800 mailing list members. It's intended for those people that are not able to create a site or page themselves. In short, it's the PC800 listmembers site.
The Great Pacific Coast Highway Pacific Coast Motorcycle Year 2000 Motorcycle Ride.
Honda Pacific Coast PC800 ,The Big PC 800 Repair and Maintenance Log .
What ,if, ever something go wrong with the PC. Owners experiences.
Honda Pacific Coast Europe
Dutch based International PC 800 club
MV Pacific Coast Netherlands
PC 800 Club in The Netherlands
Southern California PC Riders Club
Eastern Coasters Page
Eastern Coaster's PC 800 Page

PC 800 Tests

Rider Magazine
Click on the small picture on the left to see the test
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly
A test of the Pacific Coast 800, Aug.98
Motorcycle Online
A test of the 1998 PC 800 in English
Search their Online Archive for the test of the PC 800 in German
A Russian MC-magazine
A test of the PC 800 in Russian

Equipment for the PC 800

Bushtec Performance Trailers
The finest MC-trailer ever made !!!
Corbin On-Line Catalog
The best touring saddles for bikes
The very best in motorcycle communications equipment and the one We use !!
Tour Master
Very well made and practical Tankbags
The RIFLE Homepage
Rifle Windshield System for the PC and many other.
Cleaview Windshields
The Clearview Windshield is prefered by the PC 800 Owners today.
Saeng Stealth Windshield Edging
Stealth Edging's™ patented technology expands capsule up to 3 inches reducing turbulence and noise.
Baker Air Wings
AIR WINGS™, fully adjustable air deflectors, are designed to make riding more comfortable in all weather conditions. They can be easily adjusted to any position between fully open and fully closed to suit the rider's needs depending on the temperature and weather conditions.
The GIVI Homepage
Givi Topbox.
Sigma Cycle Computers
Speed readout up to 183 mph / 300 kmh, trip distance, clock, odometer, riding time - auto start/stop, max. speed, average speed.
Throttle Rocker
A tough , simple plastic "Cruise Control" suitable for all bikes.
Ixis Pro-Route ,The electronic road book
Tour guiding with chip card ,To be installed on any motorbike model ,Individually programmable .

Private Homepages (still mostly PC 800 stuff)

Jeff's Honda Pacific Coast Page,USA
Emile's Flyin' Dutchman Page, Holland
Dave Gross's Honda Pacific Coast Page,USA
John LaFreniere's Homepage,USA
Mike Wesley's Pacific Coast Page, USA
Fireman Joe's MOTORCYCLE Page,USA
Alan Bowen's MC site,USA
Bob Broeking's Pacific Coast 800 Site,USA
Jim Randall's Motorcycle Page,USA
Lohan Johnson's Homepage, South Africa
Francois Saint Laurent's PC 800 w/Clearview Windshield
Mik's PC 800 site,USA
Thomas Zander's Homepage, Germany
Sabine und Peter Friedland's Homepage,Germany
Jim Farkas PC 800 Site,USA
Christopher John Russell Online,USA
Adrian's 98' PC 800 Site,USA
Masaru Takai's Site, Tokyo, Japan
Stanley E."Rocky" Roclin's Honda Pacific Coast Motorcycle Fans Site
Selden Deemer's Personal Page, Atlanta, GA, USA
Prof. Andersons (Betty Lise's) Site, Ohio, USA
Ron's Motorcycle Touring Page, Brisbane, Australia
Bruce Pickett's "Blue Pacific".WA,USA
Ryan's: My Honda Pacific Coast Motorcycle Page,IA,USA
David Shumaker's Site,NE,USA
Harvey P.Sattin's PC Page,MA,USA
Lots of tests on the PC 800
Will Edwards Domain,WA,USA
Don's Pacific Coast 800 "Candy",TX,USA
Rich Fenwick's Pacific Coast Page, IL,USA
Mike & Marlisa Gunderson's "Stormtrooper",IL,USA
Christian's Pacific Coast 800 Pages, Austria
Wolfgang Kaufmann's Pacific Coast 800 Pages, Austria


WEB.DE Routenplanung:
Your Route to Stavanger (N)
City District:
Where on the earth is Stavanger, Norway ??
Zoom in on the map and You can see where We live. Close to the north east shore of the Stokkavatnet (Stokka Lake).
An easy way to find out some more about NORWAY
Shell Routeplanner for Europe
Distances and roads easy calculated
Want to learn some Norwegian phrases ?????
...................and many other languages too.................
Duties on Motorcycles in Norway
You think they are expensive in Your country ? Find out what Your bike will cost when imported to Norway
Buy from KaleCo, if You mention My site You get 65 % OFF !!
They have all the things You need for Your bike and even car.Performance and General Parts,Tune Up,Appearance Accessories,Lubes, Greases,Cleaners and Tools.

Fun Stuff

My idea of a reasonably priced Hands-Free Set for cellular phones and radios in moving vehicles
Orders taken via E-mail Now!!
The evolution on a typical Honda GoldWing rider
Why it is so important to always wear a helmet
My Greenpeace friendly site
My Naked Women site
Funny Video Clips
Blunders in traffic
A GoldWing Wheelie??
More Funny Pictures



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