The Sigma Sport Targa Cycle computer w/12 volt light

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Functions: KMH: Speed up to 300 km/h, TRP: Trip distance accurate up to 10 m/0.01 mile, AVS: Average speed, +: Actual speed above AVG, *: Actual speed = AVG ( +/- 1km/h), -: Actual speed below AVG, STP: Stopwatch,Starts at the start of the journey. Automatic start/stop function, MAX: Maximum speed since last RESET DST: Total distance cycle, up to 99999 km /miles, CLK: Clock,mph=12h,km/h= 24h.

I have bought mine from

POLO in Heide, Germany.
Ask for Mr.Michael Neutzling They ship world-wide ! Price: Euro 18.95 (roughly US$ 18 ) for the Sigma Targa. Order No: 60120200040 Euro 15.95 (roughly US$ 14 ) for the 12 v. light. Order No: 60120200630

You can find other models here at Sigma.