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1990 Honda GB 500 Clubman TT

Wanna listen to the beautiful sound of a supermono! (844kb mp3)

My new "baby" bike "KITTY"

I have dreamt about riding this bike since I first read a test about it in "Das Motorrad" magazine way back in 1992. Finally I was able to get one and I love it !! It is a completely different bike than the PC 800's ,but for shorter blasts on the smaller roads in the area.. it's just a thrill !!!! I found it for sale just south of Cologne in Germany and collected it there September 13. 2000 with only 7225 miles on the clock. It has production No: 55 and was buildt in June/89!

My GB 500 Clubman's nickname is "KITTY" in found memories of the tours to Isle of Man and the GP races there. Enjoying the sounds of the Norton Manx and AJS 7R single-cylinder racing (and street) bikes of the 1950's and 1960's.
The GB 500 Clubman is not intended to be a replica of these bikes, but it certainly is in the spirit of the 7 "Boy Racer" and the Manx.

The tail-less Manx cat, that also originated on that beautiful island in the Irish Sea, has a purring that reminds of the thumper. So I think that it's cute to name the bike after the Manx cat.

Thanks to Steve Ewens for the name suggestion !


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