Honda GB 500 Clubman TT
"650 Schottmeier Special"

The NX 650 Dominator engine has arrived at Albert Schottmeier..

..inluding the CDI unit and engine mountings. Notice the colour of the engine. covers.

The new lighter Italian made stainless pipes and the old system.

The engine head with channels, valve seats modified.

The valves polished and ready for the engine.

The HRC racing camshaft are installed.

The engine was glassblasted, painted and has got the polished covers from the GB 500.

The 40 mm. Mikuni TM flatslide carburator going in it's place.

Two "650 Schottmeier Special's" My friend Eivind's to the right.

Albert making the final pre-flight check. Notice the ABP racing oilcooler..

The 3 "650 Schottmeier's Special"'s: Nearest Eivind's, so Albert's and then mine.

The "650 Schottmeier Special" Page 2 :

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