Honda GB 500 Clubman TT
"650 Schottmeier Special" Page 2

The oil temperature instrument in an aluminium housing. You can also see the type of cycle computer I use on all our bikes.

It fits in good, but I'm thinking of polishing it though !

Albert found an adjustable brake lever that is easy to use with only 2 fingers. I can make nice stoppies then ;-)

The small aluminium oilcooler from ABP Racing

The stainless steel exhaust pipes and the Koni rear damper.

In June 2003, Eivind and myself went to Albert once again. This time to mount the new EGU made fairings that Albert has been modified. Eivind also got a 320 mm disc and a beautiful Brembo caliper on his bike. From the left: Albert's, Eivind's and then mine ( now to become a fully fletched
"GB 670 Clubman Schottmeier SuperSpecial"
after installing an overbored 102,04 mm ceramic coated slipper piston with 11:1 in compression).

..and here it is as pr. August 2004... still have not got time to mount the 320 millimeter disc, Brembo caliper and SuperTrapp silencer

...Brembo and 320 mm disc

...Supertrap is also mounted now

The NEW engine...this time by ABP Racing
Giving up after 3 engine collapses, I sent the bike to ABP Racing for a full tuning in January 2009 and collected it in October 2009. Still running it in ...but it pulls very good:-). More will follow !!

Benchtest of the original GB 500 and the GB650 engine by ABP Racing

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